Herbal Green Peel

Herbal Green Peel

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  • Herbal plant mixture peel
  • Live acne & acne scar removal
  • 5 days skin renewal
  • Increases blood circulation & skin collagen boost.

Dr Kamalakar is a Leading dermatologist  set out with the goal of improving his client’s complexions quickly, safely and effectively. He wanted to unveil new skin in just 5 days – using only herbal ingredients. The result is the Green Peel, a herbal Deep-Peeling medical-grade skin regenerating treatment powered solely by natural plant vitamins and minerals.

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Recognized globally, The Green Peel has been proven to be a highly safe and effective process of noninvasive skin resurfacing. The Green Peel CLASSIC involves a five-day treatment cycle using a special compound of natural herbs with no chemical additives.
Day 1: In-Clinic Treatment
Day 2-4: Prescribed Homecare
Day 5: In-Clinic Follow-up Treatment

The powerful treatment formula raises the blood circulation of the skin that intensifies its metabolism and encourages the skin to regenerate by generating new cells and collagen fibers. Because of this, the top layers of the skin become redundant and peel away. The Green Peel® skin treatment is perfectly secure, with over 40 decades of research behind it.

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