Forever18 Clinics Will Conceal Your Dark Circles Under Eye

Forever18 Clinics will Conceal Your Dark Circles Under Eye

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Forever18 Clinics Will Conceal Your Dark Circles Under Eye

Whether you are pulling too many late-nighters or its genetic, under eye dark circles can really make your face look dull and tired. Whatever the cause, dark circles and pigmentation make it difficult for your skin base and makeup to look even. If your concealer has also given up on hiding those dark pockets underneath your eyes we have a product that will do the trick – highlighter!

Using highlighter is a clever little trick makeup artists use to make your under eye area luminous and appear brighter. Here is the lowdown.

Forever18 Clinics Conceal Dark Circles Under Eye

While highlighter can help bring brightness to the under eye area, be careful about the formula you’re using. Avoid anything glittery or shimmery, and instead opt for one which has a peach, yellow or lavender undertone. If you want to achieve a natural looking brightness, start applying the highlighter at the top of your cheekbones bringing it inwards underneath your eyes to cover the dark areas.

The fine, shimmery powder adds brightness and when used on the under eye area it helps illuminate dark or sunken bags and brings them ‘forward’.

Highlighter, as the name suggests, is designed to accentuate the high points of your face where the light catches naturally. But the illuminating effect that a highlighter has, makes it an excellent product to deal with dark circles.

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